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An unfolded collection

The project "An unfolded collection" is about the eternal and invisible gestures of care that women perform for others. One of the works" An unfolded collection #1" consists of five images that show the temporal aspect of an action: the gestures are performed over time and are directed towards something, here another human being who will lie down in a bed to sleep. 


Another work is a zine, "An unfolded collection – The bed", which includes more images and also poems and text; 

"She takes out the sheets and pillowcases and lays them on the bed. She takes the bottom sheet and stretches it, smoothes it out, tucking it under the corners. She unfolds the duvet cover and searches for the corners, tucks in the duvet, and shakes it so the corners fall evenly, straight down, together. The same with the pillows. The pillows are put in place at one end, and she pulls the duvet over the whole bed. Stroking her hand over the softness, she smoothes and pulls the corners. In bed, someone else will lie down, rest their cheek against the pillow, and fall asleep. She carries the invisible and eternal gestures of care."


These works and the works to come are a tribute to my mother and everyone's mothers. 

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