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In my music, I create acts based on jazz standards from the 40s to as late as the 70s and let the content of the lyrics create a theme. There is often a connection between the content of the songs and my photographic projects where I seek to portray universal experiences from a humanistic agenda. 

For "The Small Love Concert", I have chosen songs about the different faces of love, where the lyrics tell of longing, nostalgia, tenderness, wonder, and closeness. This act is related to the photographic project "Where is the crying", where the works embody experiences of joy, closeness, and pain and are given titles from jazz songs such as "My Foolish Heart" and "Tenderly." 

I am currently working on "A Case Study of Anna and Tom" which tells the story of Anna and Tom and their journey of finding, losing, and finding love again. I tell the story of their lives, from both their perspectives, both what they know and don't know about each other, and perhaps don't realise about themselves. At the centre of it all, of course, is the music, which can convey more profoundly Anna's and Tom's experiences - as only music can. One of the songs is "Close Enough for Love" with music by Johnny Mandel and lyrics by Paul Williams;


“You and I, an unmatched pair
Took the time to touch, to share
Worlds apart the night we met
We braved the odds and won the bet
Not perfect yet
But close enough for love”

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